One thought on “Anecdotal History

  1. I’m a descendant of Lydia Fielding (1762-1839) who married Jonas Whiting and is buried in Webster Union Cemetery. Nothing seems to be known about her so I’ve decided to investigate the other Fieldings in Monroe County on which led me to Jerome D. Fielding. His parents were Erastus Fielding (1789-1860) and Polly Carpenter (1789-1860). The 1860 Federal Census shows Erastus Fielding (73), painter, Polly (71), Henry (44) musician, and Jerome (35), portrait painter. To me this was an unusual entry for that period of time when most people seemed to be farmers. However, there was also another painter in the community who was somehow related, perhaps another son of Erastus and Polly? by the name of Ebeneser M Fielding (1820-1888), 56 Smith, Rochester. I suspect his studio wasn’t too far from Jerome’s. Do you know anything about Ebenser? Do you have any of his paintings? Thank you, Devon Blean (Your town looks delightful, by the way. I live on the west coast of Canada where old isn’t very old at all.)


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