Unidentified Photos

Help sleuth out the many faces and places of Brockport. Click on the thumbnails to see a larger version of the photos. Recognize a face? Remember the event or location? Lend us your memory by referring to the number of the photo in the Leave a Reply section. 


These are some early faces that need identification:



These photos look to be from the 1960-70s. Can you identify these people?



Some toughies. Here are photos where location is front and center, and–if there are people in the photos–their features are hard to distinguish. These might be Brockport homes and locations, and might not. We want to know if you can recognize any.

Some Quaker Maid workers from Brockport’s industrial life (circa 1940s). Do you recognize anyone?







13 thoughts on “Unidentified Photos

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  2. #3 D’Agostino’s who owned the Lincoln Rest. Mother and son. #11 After Barb, unknown, Jack Kelly. Looks like Scott Phillips in background. These pics were from annual Kwanisi OctoberFest.

    Paul Kimball


  3. Portrait 1 and 2 are believed to be from the Baldwin family. My grandfather Harold Richards had them first at his home at 40 state st, until my grandmother made made him remove them because they used to scared her. His mother was a Baldwin from the Riga area. For a time they were at his shoe store at 13 Market street, until he put them on loan in the museum in the late1970’s.


  4. #9 is Kirk Thomas. He was a junior at Brockport High when he passed away in the Spring of 1977. He had been the Stage Manager for the high school production of Brigadoon.


    • Photo 11

      Far right is Mary Ann Kelly and she is holding onto Maureen Conners. No idea what the event was, but assume it’s school related. Mary Ann graduated in 74, Maureen was a year or two older. Hope that helps.



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